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“We’ve had zero consumer pushback.” Cussing out a debt collector ? Advanced language-recognition programs not only track keywords during phone conversations but identify emotions of debtors and collection agents. Prompts generated by CallMiner Inc. software help steer conversations back on track. Supervisors using the speech-analytics company’s system see color-coded boxes on call-center computer monitors. Small green boxes represent routine conversations. During those calls, agents are remembering, for example, to recite mandatory “mini-Miranda” statements that inform consumers of their rights. But a box turns red and expands when a call contains expletives or long silences as a hapless agent fumbles for information. “A supervisor can consider barging in and taking over the call, or whispering into the agent’s side of the call,” says Scott Kendrick, CallMiner marketing vice president. CallMiner’s Eureka program can tell whether an agent expresses appropriate empathy when a debtor says he’s bereaved.

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